Ten Great Reasons for Choosing an Avalon Cruise:


  1. Spacious cabins. Bringing the deck inside has made a real difference.


  1. It’s a young fleet. There’s nothing ‘tired’ about these ships. Avalon prides itself on presentation and turns over its ships regularly.
  2. You can always find a quiet spot. If you want to be solitary or social there’s a place for you.


4. Avalon organises its excursions to start early thus avoiding the crowds. We were often the first there.

5.There’s great espresso to be had at the push of a button anytime, not to mention a constant supply of pastries and cookies. (This could be seen as a mixed blessing considering the expanding waistline!) Fruit juices, teas and water too.

 6.There’s plenty of free time built in to allow you to explore riverside villages under your own steam if you want to.

 7.The crew are delightful, young, personable and helpful without being stuffy and obsequious. (Rumour has it crew prefer the Avalon ships.)



  1. The local guides on any excursions are knowledgeable and entertaining without giving ‘too much information’ … always a delicate balance!
  2. Delicious simple relaxed lunchtime bar b ques on the sun deck. Soak up the sun, the fresh air and unfolding view as you dine on grilled chicken, fish, hamburgers and sausages with simple potato salad and cold slaw. (Of course you can also eat in the restaurant should you prefer.)
  3. Enlightening on board lectures by local professors on local history or geographical points of interest. They are fondly referred to as ‘Lock Hoppers’. They come from local universities and hop on and off the ship as it stops for the locks.


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