Who knew the Seine could be so utterly beautiful? It’s a relatively narrow waterway as it wends its way from Paris towards the Normandy beaches. Its low bridges and winding nature mean its free of the cargo traffic carried on other major European rivers. Its peaceful and in springtime, picture postcard perfect. It’s easy to see […]


At first I think it must be a mirage. They come, tons of them, literally, through the dusty, shimmering heat of the African afternoon, meandering  towards the water hole. I have never seen so many elephants. They come, in family groups, from every direction across the parched Namibian landscape. Old battle scarred bulls, their huge […]

Walking with Lions

I thought I ought to explain this photo on my cover page. It was taken in Zimbabwe, near Victoria Falls. It is one of my favourite travel shots of all time. Yes, I am walking with a lion. Its not something you can do every day and it is without a doubt one of the most […]

Ten Great Reasons for Choosing an Avalon Cruise:

Spacious cabins. Bringing the deck inside has made a real difference.   It’s a young fleet. There’s nothing ‘tired’ about these ships. Avalon prides itself on presentation and turns over its ships regularly. You can always find a quiet spot. If you want to be solitary or social there’s a place for you.   4. Avalon […]

Amsterdam: Catnip for millennials?

Its billed as the world’s most popular city with millennials.  It is certainly heaving with them when we arrive at the end of our river cruise  in the midst of the first heatwave of summer. Its the end of May. The thirty degree plus temperatures qualify as a heatwave here because the weather in the […]

Wurzburg: An encounter with opulence

If you think you’ve seen one palace you’ve seen them all …. then make an exception for the Wurzburg Residence. It is quite literally jaw droppingly spectacular!Our river cruise has moved, via the Main – Danube Canal to the Main River, pronounced ‘Mine’.  Its one of Europe’s prettiest rivers, narrow and leafy. The riverbanks dotted […]